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Group Scavenger Hunt

A group Scavenger Hunt makes a perfect gift! 

This Scavenger Hunt is perfect for couples or groups of all ages. Children under 5 are FREE. No ticket needed. You will be walking on a self-guided tour through this quaint city's famous landmarks and hidden gems. All teams will meet up at the beginning of the event to receive instructions from your host. You will stay with your individual teammates. Our app will guide you through this unforgettable experience with clues, hints, and riddles.
At each local shop, you will participate in hands-on activities that include solving riddles and playing games. The more missions you complete the more treats, and goodies you will collect from our local vendors! Of course, you will learn some Lancaster history along the way. Each experience includes over 20 missions designed to help you get to know our city. Including Historic Markets, Arcades, Flower Shops, Candy Stores, and more! This experience includes some optional tasting of food & drink.


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