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Event Space Rentals In Lancaster, PA

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, offers a diverse range of event spaces that are perfect for hosting holiday parties, whether it's for your work colleagues or a gathering of family and friends. While these locations are suitable for various holiday celebrations, this list focuses on Christmas and other religious festivities. These venues can accommodate groups of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger parties with over 100 guests. In this blog, we'll highlight four fantastic event spaces to consider for your holiday gatherings.

1. Unique Lancaster Experiences - Market Street

Located on Market Street, Unique Lancaster Experiences offers an ideal event space for your holiday celebration. What sets this venue apart is its flexible pricing structure, with a suggested donation starting at just $40 per hour, making it accessible for various budgets. The rates can go up to $100 per hour, and the best part is that all proceeds are tax-deductible. Your rental includes tables and chairs, simplifying your event planning. If you require catering, they can connect you with local vendors upon request. Read more about our event space here

2. Move It Lancaster - Central Market Neighbor

For a unique holiday party experience, consider Move It Lancaster, conveniently located next door to Central Market. Their 3rd-floor studio features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a picturesque view of the surroundings. While tables and chairs are available by request, the real charm of this venue lies in its bright and airy atmosphere. This studio offers a refreshing change of pace for your holiday gathering. Get more details here. 

3. Wired Cup - Ephrata, PA

Wired Cup, a local, woman-owned cafe in Ephrata, PA, opens its doors for holiday event rentals at an affordable rate, starting from just $25 per hour. This cozy New York City-themed shop can host small gatherings, with chairs and tables included in the rental. If you're in the mood for a warm and intimate celebration, Wired Cup is an excellent choice. Additionally, they offer delicious food options upon request, making your event planning even more convenient. Contact Kelsi to get more info here.  

4. The Candy Factory 6th Floor - Queen Street

The Candy Factory 6th Floor, situated on Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, is a unique event space offering a historic and stylish ambiance. Hosting up to 60+ people, this coworking space boasts a stage, custom lighting, comfortable leather seats, and a bar with beer on tap. Free parking is available after 5 p.m., and the building is equipped with an elevator for accessibility. The venue allows you to bring your own bartender, offering a BYOB option for a more personalized experience. Contact The Candy Factory to book an event space this holiday here

5. Mickey's Black Box - Downtown Lancaster

Mickey's Black Box is a dynamic event space in downtown Lancaster, known for its versatile options for hosting events. This venue is perfect for holiday gatherings and can accommodate a range of party sizes. With its stylish and modern atmosphere, Mickey's Black Box provides a unique backdrop for your celebrations. Whether you're planning a festive corporate event or a family holiday party, this venue is equipped to cater to your needs. Plan your next event this holiday here.  


Lancaster, PA, offers an array of event spaces perfect for hosting holiday parties, catering to both work-related and family-oriented celebrations. Whether you choose Unique Lancaster Experiences, Move It Lancaster, Wired Cup, or The Candy Factory 6th Floor, you'll find a diverse range of options to make your holiday event memorable. With varying price points and unique features, Lancaster's event spaces are sure to accommodate your specific needs and create a festive and memorable holiday celebration. Make your reservation early and get ready to host an unforgettable holiday event in beautiful Lancaster County.

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