Coffee Shops Open In Lancaster On Sunday. A Whole List

You are looking for a coffee shop/cafe in Lancaster that is open on Sunday? We got you! There are so many coffee shops open in Lancaster on Sunday. It's no shade to Prince Street Cafe (whatsoever). However, they get insanely busy, and on Sundays it is so nice to just be in a nice relaxing quiet space. Plus I wanna share the love, ok? Check out this list if you are hangry and need coffee first thing in the morning. These locations are all in the city limits (in no particular order.) Of course, we all have what we would call the best coffee shop in Lancaster. But this is just a list of places based on whats open and also has good vibes.

Bistro Barberet & Bakery

French. Delicous, and rarely busy on Sundays. Find this coffee shop on maps here! We respect Cedrick Barberet! He was the winner of Chopped Sweets in 2019 on the Food Network. In the last several years, he was named one of the top 10 pastery chefs in America! It's wild that he lives here in Lancaster and has a French pastry shop open on Sundays! You will find a variety of French pastries, quiches, and lattes at beautifully decorated hole in the wall. It is within 1 block of the city center downtown.There is seating indoor & outdoor. The whole place will have your eyes in disbelief when you see the creations of Chef Cederic Barberet! 9am-2pm

Butter Bean

This cute little satelite coffee shop is the only coffee shop inside of the Southern Market on maps here! They are open at the crack of dawn at 8:30am. If the city of Lancaster would allow roosters, they would be crowing as Butter Bean makes their bacon, egg, and cheese poptarts! I know Google says Southern Market doesn't open till 11am. But that only applies to the food vendors. Butter Bean has you covered with some savory pasteries, scones, muffins, and more! Shout out to Jessie who started this gem. Not only that but, they are the second vendors in this small business incubator to open up their own brick and mortar outside of the Southern Market. This location is ADA friendly.

Lancaster Sweet Shoppe

I bet you thought that the sweet shoppe was just for stroopies and homemade ice cream! All of which is made right here in Lancaster City on vine street! The Lancaster Sweet Shoppe is found here, and they have the same coffee beans as Rachel's Cafe & Creperie found here. I ask about these types of things because I care ya'll. You will be excited to enjoy their seasonal flavors in this Holland inspired sweet shoppe. And if you are lucky, they will be making Stroppies while you are there. You can smell the rich carmel and cinnamon goodness all the way down to the old library! not a morning person? They are ppen 1pm-9pm on Sunday.

SQ1 Coffee

You only need to leave the sweet shoppe and go right one door to get SQ1 Cafe. Order online or check out their season menu here. Low key I just feel cool as soon as I walk into Sq1 Cafe. It could be the down to Earth, super chill baristras, or the local art in the posted on the walls in each room. Either way, I appreciate that they open at 8am on Sundays! They can get a little busy in short spurts, but it's for a good reason. Summer drinks are iced both 16oz and 20oz. Of course they offere a variety of p[ant based milks if you want to keep it dairy free. There are always delicous muffins and pastries, and sometimes seasonal food! If you are like me and want to save a couple dollars here is a real Lancaster local tip for SQ1 coffe.

1. Bring your own cup $ money saved on coffee.

2. Pay in cash! $$ discount on coffee.

3. Look in the basket on the side of the case for day old pasteries! $$$ savings on breakfast!

BOOM. You just saved $3-$5 on going out for breakfast! That tip is on the house.

Lancaster Beignets

We welcomed Annie and Collin Dawkins to the Lancaster City merchant family earlier in 2023. Aside from having amazing Cappuccinos and Americanos, they serve savory breakfast beignets on sunday mornings in Lancaster on Prince Street. Now the question is, do you want to get some FREE beignets & coffee? If the answer is yes, and obviously it should be then you need to sign up for the Lancaster City Scavenger Hunt. Offered every Sunday. Giving you oppertunities to search the city on an app based, self-guided hunt downtown to complete missions for freebies. Get tickets here.

Amanita Lancaster

This is a newbie, but a goodie. Especially if you want a breakfast meal with your coffee. But don't feel obligated to eat food-food. They are still very much a coffee shop. You can get there bright and early at 8am, and you can order online here. It is kinda strange that Lancaster was voted Top 10 Places to retire. Because Amanita is a prime example of Lancaster's cool, funky, almost hipster(ish) environment. You'll be greeted by a skillfully painted mural, floor to ceiling windows, and the smell of fresh bagels!

Other Coffee Shops Open in Lancaster on Sunday

Alright, I feel like I said "I got you" and I covered my basis. But here some other downtown coffee shops open on Sunday in Lancaster, just for the fun of it. Oh lastly, legal disclosure. I am not responsible for your new cafe hopping addiction. But I support your interest. Have Fun!

Endo Cafe on Prince Street. Visit there website here.

Chestnut Hill Cafe located on... you guessed it Chestnut Street. Check out their menu here.  

Common Weath on the side of town everyone forgets about . They have fire vegan options. Find out more here. 

Lastly, if you prefer tea, make a cup of your own design with infused sugar at the Tea & Spice Exchange. Located on Orange Street. Check them out here 

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