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5 Fall Favorites Locals Love In Lancaster

An unsuspecting list of Fall favorites loved by locals in Lancaster, PA. When I say Lancaster, I am not really talking about "Amish county". While it is certainly a part of Lancaster County and the culture here. Locals do not really spend their time in the most touristy area in their hometown. As the air becomes crisp and leaves reveal their vibrant autumn colors, there's a sense of magic in the air that's hard to ignore. To make the most of this delightful season, we've gathered five fall favorites that Lancaster locals absolutely adore. From unique downtown walking tours to thrilling murder mysteries, these activities are perfect for embracing the autumn spirit in our beloved city.

18th Century City Private Photo Shoot

Are you just exploring Lancaster on a 3 day weekend? Or are you looking for a way to celebrate an anniversary in Lancaster, PA? This one is a real locals favorite! Image going to all the secret places it would take you weeks to find in only 1.5 hours. And all the while you are learning about the local history and getting memorable photos taken! Unique Lancaster Experiences has photographers that do just that. You tell the photographer what you like and they will cater the experience to your interest. You will find gardens, historic cathedrals, and hidden art murals on this fun private experience. $220 includes up to 4 people. Book HERE to get high resolution photos in the Fall to remember your special occation.

Prima Theatre: A Night of Enchanting Entertainment

I recently saw a show at PRIMA THEATRE called Girl Gr oup Greats, and it was just that, GREAT! As the days grow shorter, the stage at Prima Theatre shines brighter. Locals flock to this intimate venue to enjoy captivating performances under the golden glow of theater lights. Whether we are reliving the greatest girl groups or a enchanted by a candle lit room, a night at Prima is on every locals list as soon as tickets go on sale! Tickets range from $80+ per person

Dine, Detect, and Enjoy a Murder Mystery

For those seeking a touch of mystery and suspense, Lancaster's Detective Dinner Murder Mystery events are a real treat. Put on your detective hat, enjoy a delectable meal, and work together with others to unravel a thrilling murder mystery. It's a unique and engaging way to spend a cozy fall evening. Get tickets HERE

Foliage Hike with a View: Nature's Canvas

Fall foliage is nothing short of a masterpiece, and Lancaster offers plenty of opportunities to appreciate it. Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails for a foliage hike that leads to breathtaking vistas. The panoramic views of the colorful landscape are sure to leave you in awe. This hike is a favorite to locals in Lancaster. Use the Alltrails app to stay on course if you are new or visiting the area. 

Bike Adventures in Amish Country

You don't need your own bicycle to enjoy this amazing trail! There are high quality bicycle rentals right off the 3.5 mile trail. Pedal through the enchanting countryside surrounding Lancaster City. Rent self-service bicycles at the Warick Muncipal Center and explore scenic trails that take you through Amish field full of pumpkin, bridges over rolling creeks, art murals, a dirt bike track, and more! Witness the picturesque landscapes and serene farmlands that make our Lancaster so special. Naviagate there using the free Alltrails app here

Music Trivia at Southern Market

Gather your friends, and head to the heart of downtown Lancaster for a night of music trivia at Southern Market. Test your knowledge of tunes while sipping on your favorite fall-inspired beverages. Winners receive a gift card to 1 of 13 local chefs stands inside of Southern Market. Stick around afterwards for the best karoke in Lancaster City! Open till 10pm or later and free to all. Find more info HERE for a night of fun!

In Lancaster, fall is more than just a season; it's a cherished time of year that brings a unique sense of community and celebration. Whether you're embracing the city's history, enjoying the arts, or immersing yourself in the great outdoors, these five fall favorites offer a taste of the vibrant and festive spirit that defines autumn in Lancaster. So, grab your sweater, your pumpkin-flavored treat of choice, and get ready to fall in love with Lancaster all over again.

Written by Kendra Wolfe (Founder of Unique Lancaster Experiences)

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